Logo design and building furniture (July/August 2017)

These past couple of months have flown by and I can’t quite believe we are now open and trading.

July mainly consisted of sanding, painting, more painting and checking in on the builders.

Once the main building work was completed and majority of the painting was done, ordering the furniture and fixtures was next on my list of tasks.  The main furniture pieces came from a company called Moreplan. They are based in Hengrove, but also have branches in London. This shop sells anything a shop Ower could want or need…. It is fabulous and the staff are super friendly and helpful.

The rest of the furniture came from second hand shops around the city.  I’ve made use of old tea chests, scrap wood from a building site and even an old cable reel. The other pieces came from a shop on West Street called ‘Dear Old Thing’.


Whilst the final preparations for the shop were getting done, I was frantically looking for someone to help me design the shop logo.  I knew what I was looking for but didn’t have the skills to produce the final version.

In my hour of need a friend from London offered to come up with a few designs. As soon as I saw the first design I knew this was it! It was well presented, stylish, eye catching and sexy.  I loved it! Independent Design Collective now had a logo a brand and a colour scheme.

I would like to thank Dominic from Dominic Payne Design www.dominicpaynedesign.com who came up with this stunning logo. Thanks Dom 😀

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