Happy New Year – 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

At the start of this year I was lucky enough to be relaxing on a beach in Tenerife and so the shop was closed for about 2 weeks.


Worth it though! What a stunning place with amazing food. #needtogobacksoon


The rest of January was as expected, cold, grey, damp and miserable.  On the bright side though we had plenty of people visiting the shop and commenting on how warm and inviting it looks.

We also had quite a few new artists join the shop… Ransom Design, Quantum Design, Polly Baker Art, Wool Quarter, Iduna and Sophie Helen Design.

Below are a few photos of their work and more inforation on each artist can be found on our ‘Local Designers‘ page.


Something new for 2018, we have decided to introduce workshops at IDC so stay tuned for future updates.  First up is a beginners Crochet class followed by a beginners Knitting class.

February is proving to be quite a steady month and hopefully this will continue into the year. #shoplocal


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