My Bristol Favourites – Bristol 24/7

Chitra Tarling owns and runs the Independent Design Collective gift shop on North Street in Southville, designing and making a broad selection of her own products under the name Karve Design.


Balloon Fiesta

“Every time I see a hot air balloon I feel like a little kid watching something magical floating by! I am lucky enough to live opposite Ashton Court Estate and therefore get a fantastic view of the balloons each year during the Balloon Fiesta.”



“This year is the tenth anniversary of Upfest and it’s going to be epic! This festival is like one big street party with amazing artists from all over Europe creating stunning graffiti pieces. Some of my favourite pieces over the past few years are the John Lennon piece opposite Aldi in their car park by Eduardo Kobra, Neptune on the side of the Masonic by Pichiavo and the hand-stitched rhino on the side of Red Point Climbing Centre by Louis Masai.”


North Street

“There are so many independent shops and restaurants opening up and creating a warm, family friendly place to hang out. I have only lived in Bristol for five years and even in that short period so much has changed. The Dean Lane end of the street was filled with empty units and there was no life. But slowly slowly the units have been let or sold and fabulous businesses have taken over: The Old Bookshop, Corks of North Street, Margot May, Rhubarb Jumble, Earthcake, Mon Pote and many more. And of course, my new gift shop Independent Design Collective!”

Blaise Castle Estate

“The perfect place to walk our dog, who loves wooded areas and splashing about in the stream. Blaise Castle Estate has it all: a kids play area, plenty of trees, a large open green area and even a castle!”


Tobacco Factory

The Tobacco Factory holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. When my husband and I first moved to Bristol we often popped in for a coffee and lunch. It is such a warm, open, friendly place and you are free to stay as long as you need. They have amazing food, events and a great theatre upstairs. The Sunday Market has such a nice vibe and is also the first market I sold my pieces at for four years after moving to Bristol. The other stallholders are friendly, helpful and super talented. There is always fresh veg, fish and bread along with a wide range of craft stalls. The perfect place for a Sunday mooch.”


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