Local Designers

Karve Designwww.karvedesign.com

Karve Design is an independent, Bristol based, craft design company.  Chitra Tarling is the designer, maker and creator of all of Karve Design’s products.  Art and design has always been her passion from a very young age and after studying design at university she has never looked back.  Her inspiration mainly comes from the geometric form and also the natural world.  She also loves trying to recycle or upcycle anything she can tuning the pre-loved items into something new.  Karve Design’s timepiece jewellery collection is made using vintage watch parts which would have otherwise been discarded.  These pieces are then turned in to bespoke jewellery items, such as, necklaces, cufflinks, brooches, earrings, rings and bracelets.

From 2018, 5% of all sales of Karve Design products will be donated to charity.  The charity we will contribute to will change every 6 months.  Another good reason to shop local. 


Dandylion Jack – www.dandylionjack.com

Jenny Price studied Graphic Design at Plymouth Uni, honing her flare for visual media in magazine publishing before taking the leap to start her own illustration business, Dandylion Jack.  Jenny references her influences of the natural world and home town of Bristol, to create vibrant and unique greetings cards, prints and stationery.  Jenny utilises her iconic surrounds to create graphical designs at the intersection of colour, pattern and typography.

20170805_162135    20170811_145342.jpg


Softlad – www.softladart.squarespace.com

Softlad has been creating art from birth and had a specific interest in storytelling.

This led onto a degree in Film Production and later a career in the industry. Unfortunately a small seaside town couldn’t offer the opportunities to create his work and Softlad needed a way out so became a teacher. Still he wasn’t satisfied and moved to Bristol to seek like-minded people.

After years of working as an Art teacher in various schools around the country Softlad decided to put his money were his mouth was and become an artist.  Using inspiration from his childhood home by the sea and his family history connected to the fishing industry, he has developed a style combining 3D elements and Street Art with illustration and computer graphics.

In 2017 Softlad created a mural for the UPFest festival in Bedminster, Bristol.

Current works include paintings, sculptures, murals, t-shirts and graphics.





Citiviews is an independent photography business showcasing and promoting Bristol through our pictures – we sell individual and multiple block photographs in frames, canvas, prints, mugs, coasters and fridge magnets with prices to cover all types of budgets. Imagery is scenic scapes and iconic city images focused on harbourside, architecture, nature and reflections.



Button and Brew 

I love spending time crafting on my own or, even better, crafternoons with others. Craft and a Cuppa! This is where the name ‘Button and Brew’ derives.
After completing a degree in Textiles at Bath Spa University I went on to complete a PGCE in Secondary Design and Technology.
Button and Brew is a new business, started during June 2017. It’s an exciting time as products are continually evolving and new ideas and items are always being added. 

All products are currently made by Siân Marie in her home studio in South Bristol.
The embroidery is designed on a computer and sewn using a digital embroidery machine using high quality thread onto 100% cotton fabric. The items are then completed by hand. The make-your-own kit instructions are written by Sian Marie, each pack is put together by hand using a variety of recycled materials, mainly from clothing, and hand dyed yarns. 

FullSizeRender-8   IMG_3992


Chimps Tea Party – www.chimpsteapartyillustration.com

After studying illustration at UWE in Bristol, I started selling the products I had always loved making.

My crocheted plant cozies were designed as a way to add some bright colours and pom-poms to my house plants – I now want to put pom-poms on everything!

Planters2Green  CrochetPlantPots


SC Knits – www.scknits.co.uk

Samantha is a lifestyle textile designer, specialising in knit, stitch and traditional processes. From completing her Surface Pattern Design degree at UWTSD, she discovered her passion for knitting and dyeing yarn and decided to create SC Knits.

Her product collections and tonal palettes are inspired by the vibrant surroundings and textural surfaces of nature. With a distinctive bohemian style, her lively knitted textiles and innovative products demonstrate her passion for colour and surface texture.

Samantha continues to develop and expand her product range and welcomes commissions.

SC Knits - Pom Pom pot Hangers (1)  SC Knits - Shibori Yarn


Red Bird Makes 

Red Bird Makes’ eclectic mix stems from her love of vintage and the simpler things in life. Find nostagic quirky porcelain charms alongside her more minimal and modern geometric brass and silver work.

Smithson Gallery Forge 09 Jo Hounsome Photography20170929_100300000_iOS


Manda Lana 

Anna is the founder of MANDA LANA and has been an artist and maker since early childhood. Her handcrafting skills and interest in textiles developed over years of traveling while gathering ideas and passions. Her love for making found a vessel years ago in Berlin, when she started sewing things for friends and family.

Now, living in Bristol, her creative process has evolved into a heartfelt project with a clear making philosophy.

Guided by respect and love for the Earth and its limited resources, MANDA LANA items are made from reused and upcycled textiles. Carefully hand-picked materials from cotton to cashmere to rare mixed fibres, combined with simple and traditional sewing techniques are the ingredients that make Anna’s pieces truly sustainable and unique.

All creations are handmade, ecologically treated and one of a kind.

ArmWarmersy Wristwarmers9


Gilded Magpie – www.gildedmagpie.com

Gilded Magpie is a local silversmith, Eleanor Gould, working out of a studio in the centre of Bristol and a kitchen table in BS3.  I specialize in casting natural objects or hand carved wax models into sterling silver to create elegant, wearable but unexpected jewellery.

I am a nurse and a mother and found, after having my second child that I had a need to do something entirely for myself. Only two and a half years ago I therefore focused a life long love of jewellery into a silversmithing course. I have kept the day job, but aim one day to be more silversmith than nurse. This modern collection of silver jewellery is inspired by nature and treasure found in unexpected places.

IMG_20171118_155636_923   IMG_20171112_190636_077


Ransom Designs

Jenny started Ransom Designs in 2017 with the hope of making designs that make people smile! Her other hope was to make products as eco-consciously as possible. This is why she choose to print on recycled card, with vegetable based inks, using where possible FSC approved materials and have cornstarch packaging. Her designs are all designed and made in Bristol and she only sells in the UK to minimise her carbon foot print.

Version 2


Polly Baker Artwww.pollybakerart.com

Polly Baker studied Fine Art at Falmouth University and specialized in drawing and painting. After University she realized her three favourite things to do were drawing, making people laugh, and wordplay, which sparked the idea to combine the three; making gift cards out of silly puns and quirky sketches.

Watering cantFlabrador low resFineArt low res


Seaurchin – Lisa Stevens

After a long and successful career as a sculptor at Aardman Animations, Lisa chose to focus on raising her family, using clay as a way to relax and remain creative. During these years, she has developed her own style through continual experimentation with clays, glazes and textures.
Lisa works from her small home studio near Bristol Airport, taking inspiration from coral reefs, flowers, geology, moss and lichen. Most of the work is made of high-fired porcelain clay, which can be translucent when held up to the light. Wall sculptures and bowls are small-scale, delicate and decorative, often the creamy white of pure unglazed porcelain, or vibrantly coloured using stoneware glazes, underglaze or melted glass.
The intricate textures are not created using stamps, texture sheets or moulds, instead Lisa uses a variety of small tools to create the patterns. This is a time-consuming process, but the end results are crisp, organic and each piece will be truly unique.

Bowln    image2Reef4_n


Quantum Design 

Screen Printed Art and Accessories from original drawings and illustrations.
Quantum is an independent label based in Bristol UK. I work from my studio
in Bristol creating original drawings which are screen printed and mounted to
make wall art and hand drawn geometric designs which I then have screen
printed in Bristol onto clothing. I travel to India each year and have my paper
patterns for clothing made into garments by a small family run business in
Rajasthan. Each piece is handcrafted and unique. My work promotes cottage
industry and small scale production which supports small business. I am
always creating new designs and the colour combinations always change
making each piece unique and original.


Bianca Rose Wood 

Bianca is a multi skilled artist and maker, working first and foremost with wood. She has made everything from fine furniture, large public works and theatre sets, to props and jewellery.

She started woodworking at an evening class at Bristol Women’s Workshop, apart from the skills she learned there she is largely self taught.

Bianca Rose Wood Jewellery was born out of a desire to use everything, all the little offcuts, and the beautiful pieces of wood that arrive in Bianca’s workshop which aren’t quite big enough, or the right shape to become a piece of furniture. After becoming a mother this part of her business has taken more of a central role. Combining wood tones and grain patterns with a palette of colours in her jewellery collection, has started to inform the other work she does, and a new designs for a selection of home wares and small furniture items are underway….

Bianca’s work focuses on enhancing the beauty of natural materials, and her aesthetic is one of simple but pleasing shapes and designs. She relishes a practical challenge, and enjoys learning new skills to combine with and inform her woodwork. She has worked for private and corporate clients, and more recently with the general public in the participatory arts. Bianca is also Studio Manager at In Bristol Studio in Barton Hill.


Sonnes Art – http://www.sonnes.art

Anna Golec is the woman behind Sonnes Art.

She is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist who grow up in Poland and moved to Bristol in 2013.

She is known for her Geometric Animals Prints Collection.  Anna loves to create art in unique and vibrant colours.  She uses a variety of techniques from digital tools and acrylic paints to sprays and pencils.

She enjoy creating perfect art from a computer but she also appreciates the imperfection that are sometimes created with painting. Imperfection in perfection.
Creating for her is like a meditation, she found this very personal what allows her to express herself.

Anna is also doing commission designs & bespoke orders, so get in touch if you have any questions.

lion framed  toucan26_o



Belton and Belton

Belton & Belton is a father-and-daughter enterprise creating handmade wooden kitchen wares.

Always a keen amateur woodworker, John Belton set up as a full-time maker after successful careers in both engineering and landscape gardening. Since childhood Naomi Belton has been sketching designs on the back of envelopes and then persuading her dad to make them so her role as designer was somewhat inevitable. Their range includes bread boards and serving platters, as well as handturned bowls, all crafted in their workshop in North Somerset. They aim to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional, that will act as long lasting and valuable additions to any home, heirlooms to be handed down from one kitchen to the next.

IMG_0734   img_0519.jpg


Pencil Girl

Choosing to study Fine arts at Sydney University came naturally after growing up with a creative family in Australia. My creations were big, interactive and sometimes included murals. After graduating I then traveled to the UK and found that the big paintings I used to create shrunk to the nice little expressions you see before you.
I’m also a freelance Graphic designer for a couple of small businesses which accidentally has had a positive impact on my work process. I enjoy translating the world I see into commissions in my free time as well. I want everyone to smile with me.



Liz Vidal Ceramics – www.lizvidalceramics.com

I make functional ceramics and unique one-off pieces, using stoneware or porcelain. Sometimes my work is decorated portraying my passion for birds, plants and fish. I aim to create very tactile pots, making them comfortable to hold and to eat or drink from.
All my work is fired to 1280c making it dishwasher and microwave proof – however for extra care and longevity washing by hand is recommended.
After working at the Gaya Ceramic Art Centre in Bali for 6 months, and with Renton Bishopric on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, I am now living in Bristol, UK. Upon graduation from Manchester School of Art with 1st Class Hons in 2010, I undertook a 1-year Apprenticeship at North Street Potters in London before joining the collective. Working there for 5 years I became involved in making a range of tableware for restaurants including Coya in Mayfair and Fera at Claridges. I am now producing work for use at home and in restaurants, both hand-built and on the wheel.

leaf-jug-7.jpg  Vases 1E  basket6e.jpg


Boop Illustration – boopillustration.weebly.com

22 Year old graduate from The University of West England with a degree in Animation. I discovered my love for high detailed inky illustrations during my third year of University when I had come to a creative block with my studies and looked relieve some creative tension in an unrelated, new and exciting style. I started drawing Mandalas as a way to relax and unwind when not working on my University assignments. Since then I’ve taken a huge step back from animation and film and instead refocused on illustration.



Sue Rees Jewellerywww.suereesjewellery.wordpress.com

After studying silver jewellery making at Bristol School of Art, Sue wanted to add more colour to her pieces. She discovered the joy of using colour with anodised aluminium and has been working with it ever since. The aluminium is light weight and can be printed, painted and dyed in various ways to create beautiful patterns and colours. Sue takes inspiration from nature, in particular leaves, seed heads, and the colours of the sea. Her hand painted pieces can not be repeated making them unique.



Meryl Till Ceramics – www.meryltill.co.uk

Meryl Till specialises in handmade porcelain ceramic lighting with decorative textured surfaces; pierced to project delicate patterned light on the surroundings.
The work uses the translucent properties of porcelain clay to create stunning atmospheric lighting.




I make cherry stone therapy pillows, a Swiss tradition that has yet to find its way into more homes here in England. Which is why I decided to start making them to share the amazing benefits they bring!

The pillows can be used hot or cold to relieve pain and come in lots of different colourful designs all made with 100% organic cotton. I strongly believe in making something that is simple, eco friendly and that will last for years – just like in the old days.



Jem Loves To Drawwww.jemlovestodraw.co.uk 

Jem is an artist, illustrator and designer based in her hometown of Bristol and she loves to draw. Her artwork is hugely influenced by the natural world and often features animals, landscapes, oceans, galaxies and constellations. Jem’s day job in graphic design involves spending a lot of time at a computer, so as an artist she favours more traditional techniques – mostly inks, watercolours and pen on paper.
Jem’s work has been featured in exhibitions across Bristol and you can buy her designs as art prints, greetings cards, mugs and more. Jem also takes on freelance projects and create bespoke artwork for private commissions. When she’s not working or painting, you’ll find her climbing, hiking or drinking tea.



Made By Anna Lucinda

Made by Anna Lucinda offers a colourful collection of handmade cosmetic and toiletry bags, purses, pencil cases, pouches and key chains. Anna started her business in 2016, which developed from her passion for textiles, craft and creativity. Anna has a love of fabrics with bright uplifting colours and geometric patterns, and she takes great enjoyment in carefully sourcing quality fabrics and materials for her bags and accessories.

Anna is passionate about great design and exceptional quality, and puts great thought in to making her products fun and functional. Fabrics are cut out by hand and sewn together using a sewing machine and overlocker. Anna works from her home studio in Bristol and hopes you enjoy using the products as much as she enjoys bringing them to life.


Carla James – www.carlajames.co.uk

Blending of colourful brushstrokes delicately applied to canvas or paper gives an insight to the inspirations of the works by Carla James.
An artist inspired by nature and her surroundings as well as background identity.
Working in oils, acrylics and watercolors enables Carla to express strong and colorful emotion in a delicate way.

Carla continues to develop as an artist and has expanded her business with an online shop. 


Alfie Poyner Photography – www.alfiepoynterphotography.co.uk

I am a Bristol based photographer passionate about capturing cityscapes and still life along with being a wedding and events photographer. I create handmade cards from my cityscape and still life work, I find Bristol to be such an interesting city to photographer and document. Often creating abstract edits of the city for use on my cards. My still life work is mainly studio based, where I enjoy creating technical and detailed imagery. 



Square Eyes – www.squareeyesphotos.com

Square Eyes is a Bristol based photographer who uses her image making as a way of documenting her life and travels as a visual journey. Key moments are then printed in a Polaroid size and style format and from that she builds thematically related collections in multiples of 1, 4, 9 and upwards.

All images are approximately 8 x 8cm and the only way to build large images with Square Eyes is to multiply the squares into bigger sets. Therefore, the intimacy remains in these little images but this process allows the work to be customised to a location, theme, person or category.

Her work and process involves constructing and selling her own collections based on a variety of themes. Many pieces are one of a kind and while she may make one or two a few times, tends to remake a particular collection using alternative images or adjusting the composition to result in a similar piece but not a replica. This keeps it fresh for her and unique and special for the customer.



Hives and Herbals 

I am a Bristol Beekeeper. I have been keeping bees for several years. I started making hand creams, lip balms and candles as a hobby after being made redundant in 2011. I decided to turn it into a business in 2015.

Beeswax wraps are made with 100% natural cotton and a mix of my own beeswax and beeswax from other beekeepers. I do not use tree resin or add oil. Tree resin can leave its flavour on the food being wrapped.

My motto – keep it simple!! I use as few ingredients as possible. I gather my own herbs as much as possible. I use as little packaging as possible and when I need to use packaging I make sure it is reusable, recyclable. I use recycled card to print on for my labels.


I have several strands to my business
• My products – I stock in several shops and attend craft fairs across Bristol. 
• Workshops – I offer candle making and herbal bath bag making workshops. 
• Bee experiences – I run sessions where people can hear fascinating facts about bees, put on a bee suit and get up close then finally make a candle. 


Paper Heart Productions 

Combining passion with a personal touch, Paper Heart Productions originated when Sophie Davies created a pen and ink sketch as a birthday gift for a friends son. She came away from the party with three more orders and Paper Heart Productions was born. Born and raised in Bristol, Sophie has spent most of her working life in the corporate world but after the birth of her daughter in 2014, returned to her first love, art.

Each piece of her pen and ink artwork is created by hand only with an incredible focus on detail and a unique, personalised edge. Sophie’s focus has always been to offer original artwork at affordable prices and whether a house or pet portrait, family initials, a child’s initial with a favourite toy or a phrase with incredible meaning to the recipient, none of these pieces can ever be recreated in exactly the same way, they truly are beautifully unique.



Tammy Crawford – Rolt – http://www.tammycr.co.uk

I set up Tammy CR about two years ago as a way to explore and develop my own design ideas which had been running through my mind for years. After working with various organisations since graduating university, I realised that the only way to fulfil my own ethos and ideas was to go it alone. I was in the position to share a workshop space with a furniture maker so the access to tools made it an easier transition into the woodworking world.

The Trio Collection has evolved from my fascination of geometry, the natural world and displaying magnificent indoor plants to their full potential.
All items are designed & hand-crafted by me in my workshop on Gloucester Road. I use timber off-cuts from other local carpenters, timber merchants or from BWRP and eco-friendly materials to produce unique and functional products that have the quality to become antiques. I believe strongly in the ability of plants to enhance both the natural environment and our well-being, particularly in urban landscapes. My work brings vegetation inside, and supports people to flourish and grow outside.





Previously featured artists and designers

Sophie Helene Designwww.sophiehelene.co.uk

With an unusual flair for the creative, Sophie started drawing and painting from a very young age with her grandmother, who is an artist and her great grandmother who was a potter. This really took off when she came in the top bracket of her year group at Art A Level, though was not allowed to go to art school. The dandelion is consistent in her work and branding because it was the first piece someone asked to buy from her and represents hope and the fragility of time. A true, ‘Carpe Diem’ symbol and how she tries to live her life.

Now Sophie has found her niche, 1 original painted, sketched, drawn or etched limited edition print runs that are hand embellished. To be clear, Sophie repaints, leafs, inks over the original print making every print totally unique.

She does commissions too, so if you have an idea, do get in touch.

Camel3      BearMug1


Iduna Design Co. – www.idunadesign.co

I am Ed a screen printed and designer. Having studied Printed Textiles at University I now combine my ever-growing knowledge and understanding of colour and layering with digital processes (Illustrator, Photoshop etc.).

Most designs begin with a sketch or a photo of something I have seen out and about. My design process always involves Photoshop or Illustrator – dependent on the style of design I am working on.
I use Photoshop to layer images and recreate the application of screen printing and overlaying colours. Illustrator is a great tool when I am working on a design that is very graphic or involves a lot of line work.

I combine these processes to produce vibrant digital and screen printed images (on both fabric and paper) that are inspired heavily by geometric pattern and my love of layering images and texture.

Crane Purple   Glitter RYC


Fancy Badger

Fancy Badger is the creative venture of Bristol based artist and secondary school art teacher; Sandie Munro-Wells.
I create colourful screen prints that are bursting with tropical goodness. Designed to make people smile and bring year round summer vibes to your home decor; I create prints that I love having in my home and I hope others will too! I am inspired by a love of eye-popping colour, the natural world and adventures to new places.
Each screen print is hand printed in the Fancy Badger home studio using high quality, 225gsm acid-free paper and water-based, non-toxic printing inks. I custom mix the printing inks using acrylic paints and printing medium to ensure each print has the perfect range of colours. The screen prints are created from my own photography and original drawings.
I have also created some enamel pin badges which have been created from hand drawn designs and inspired by some of the screen prints.




Gregg McDonald Leathergoods – www.greggmcdonald.wordpress.com

Gregg McDonald is a designer maker based in Bristol, specialising in
wallets, purses and card holders. Established in 2006 and working
mainly in leather and fabrics, he combines an enthusiasm for
meticulous hand making, a range of technical skills and a discerning
eye for colour, pattern and shape.

He holds a 1:1 BA (hons) in Design, Product Development and Marketing
(Footwear and Accessories) from Cordwainers College in London. His
approach has led to prototyping and sample work for commercial
clients; banner design and production; prop making for film;
upholstery work and hundreds of custom pieces for individuals.



Wool Quarter www.woolquarter.com

The Wool Quarter is a small knitting studio based in Totterdown, Bristol.  Kim knits all of the Wool Quarter’s accessories and homewares on a vintage knitting machine before hand finishing each item. The machine knit collection is inspired by the colours of the Isle of Skye and uses various techniques to create an organic, natural feel to the use of colour.

There are also knitting kits, for those who want to knit there own.  Each kit includes un-dyed, minimally processed Shetland wool from a single flock, along with instructions with a colour work chart of one of Kim’s own designs.

Having recently experimented with natural dying, Kim as also produced a small run of avocado -dyed  lavender bags and hopes to experiment further with this technique in 2018.

Sustainability, longevity and the environment are at the heart of everything the Wool Quarter produces.

Mitts672   WoolQuartC2E


Bella Rockwww.bellarock.co.uk

Bella Rock is a luxury collection of natural, cruelty free and environmentally friendly products which are all handmade in small batches by Becki.

Bella Rock has strong ethical values to create products which have the lowest environmental impact possible, as well as supporting the need of the body, mind and our wellbeing by creating a spa experience at home.

Becki began making natural cosmetics at home in 2015 and throughout the Bella Rock journey, their family dog Bella has been by Becki’s side and the inspiration behind the name. The brand was launched in June 2017.

Product-14   IMG_6879