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Ceramic Decoration Kit

Ceramic Decoration Kit

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A fun craft kit for all ages! Ideal to give as a gift, enjoy as part of a group activity, or to get creative at home yourself. Design and personalise a unique 2D ceramic decoration to add colour to your home!

Personalise with a name or initial, paint a fun colourful design or add modern contemporary patterns to match your tastes - the options are endless! A wonderfully relaxing activity to enjoy at home and embrace your inner artist!

We provide three pots of paint in the primary colours so you can explore the colour wheel and have fun mixing up your own tones. Don’t worry about them being fired in a kiln afterwards, our high-quality ceramic paints will air dry and after a quick bake in the oven, your hand-painted decoration will be ready to enjoy at home 


In the kits you’ll find one 2D decoration, and you'll also find three ceramic paints, a paintbrush, as well as inspiration and top tips to inspire your designs. All you’ll need to provide is a cup of water, old plastic tubs (like, yoghurt pots) for mixing colours, and some kitchen roll or tissue.


Box Size : 68mm x 160mm x 155mm

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