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147 Willow Bloo

Gold Detail Pinched Pot

Gold Detail Pinched Pot

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Handcrafted stoneware pinch pot with 22 carat gold edge, with gold leaf in the middle.

Each pot starts off life as a ball of clay, the pot is then carefully pinched into shape. After bisque firing the pots are dipped into a clear glaze and fired again. After glaze firing the pieces are hand-painted with 22 carat gold lustre and fired for a third time at a low temperature; this fuses the lustre detail to the glaze. 


Handcrafted stoneware.


Approx 70mm diameter 

depth 45mm 

Care information

This pot is technically dishwasher safe however we would suggest washing by hand to prevent any damage. 

Due to gold details this piece is not microwave safe. 

Food safe and lead free glaze. 

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