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Blue Drippy Bowl Small

Blue Drippy Bowl Small

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Handcrafted stoneware bowl. Each bowl in this collection is hand moulded giving an organic, unique form. The bowls are dip glazed to create an overlapping, undulating blue tone pattern.

The bowls are formed over handmade moulds making each bowl uniform in diameter but unique and individual in appearance. After bisque firing the pieces are dipped several times in white and blue tone glazes to create an interesting and unique pattern.

Each piece in the collection has that special handcrafted feel that can only be ascertained from the connection of material to maker to you.  

 Each piece will have a slightly different glaze pattern from the photos shown.


Handcrafted stoneware bowl.


140mm diameter

Care information

This bowl is technically dishwasher safe however we would suggest washing by hand to prevent any damage.

Food safe and lead free glaze. 

Due to the handmade nature of this piece you will find slight variations from the product photographed.

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